Lani’s TMJ Story

Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Arthur Chal, creates smiles of natural beauty and health for patients.

Lani-tmj-face-beforeLani was just 23 years old when she came to Dr. Chal, but was suffering from advanced arthritis in her TMJ. She had almost given up hope that she would be able to to be pain free.

On the left are her “before” photographs. Not only is the appearance poor, but she was also suffering from improper alignment of her teeth from poor general dentistry and poor orthodontic treatment, which left her with debilitating pain.
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.41.02 AM

Below are the radiographs of her TMJ. While the left side looks healthy, on the right side she is suffering from advanced arthritis of the TMJ. Notice the moth-eaten appearance of the bone.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.41.14 AMLani required full-mouth reconstruction. Dr. Chal called on his team of experts to address infected teeth, gum disease, and her restorative problems. The result left her not only pain free, but with a beautiful smile, custom designed by Dr. Chal for her facial features and personality.

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