Emily’s TMJ Story

Here is an example of Dr. Arthur Chal’s TMJ treatment. Emily came to him after she had nearly given up hope. She had been to numerous dentists, none of whom seemed to be able to help. You can see from the “before” photograph that her face is very tense and tortured-looking. That’s because she was in constant pain. And, by comparing the “before” and “after” photographs, you can see that not only did Dr. Chal solve her pain, but he left her with a beautiful smile she could be proud of.

Read her letter:

TMJ-treatment-emily-before“Two years ago I was sitting in Dr. Chal’s waiting room – about to see another one of my most unfavorite people in my life for the past 20 years – another dentist. I passed the time interviewing Jane and Lesa. “Why do you like working here?” etc., etc. The answer from both gave me a little peace and curiosity – ‘After working here I could never work for another dentist.’

“Then it was my turn. After a 20-year downward spiral, dentist- mouth- and teeth-wise, I was prepared for the bad news (it was always bad news), but not for the graciousness displayed by Dr. Chal. For the first time, I had a feeling that I might be in competent hands that could give me a solution.

TMJ-treatment-emily-before-2He presented the solution—a long and involved process full of specialists and challenges and LOTS of money. I said a conditional yes—the whole process had to be conducted in the positive—no talk about other preceding dental work, lots of appropriate medicine, NO PAIN, and a loving supportive attitude displayed at all times by Dr. Chal, Lesa, and Jane. I was a truly frightened patient who was going to need a lot of handholding.

TMJ-treatment-emily-afterBless his heart—Dr. Chal said yes he could do that and we began the next two years. At first I was so frightened that I had to call Jane for words of love and support to even come in for an appointment—always given with total acceptance of where I was in my head and positive encouragement. Dr. Chal even showed up for moral support at the first specialist before they knocked me out!

“Time and procedures went by—my confidence in them (I call them my Team PLJ) increased as the treatment plan progressed and they were ALWAYS there for me. Although there were times when I wondered why I was paying for this torture, TEAM PLJ (peace, love, and joy) always kept me going. This two years has culminated in beautiful teeth, healthy gums, and a happy jaw. On my last TMJ-treatment-emily-after-2appointment, Dr. Chal even drilled in my mouth with no nitrous oxide! Their love and support carried me through. So … if you are contemplating another dental adventure and your history is like mine, you have come to the right place. These people are technically brilliant and superb in emotional support. The very last thing I would have EVER contemplated is writing a letter like this—and I could not wait to do it!”

Emily C.
VP of Marketing, JJ Croney & Associates

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