Ann’s TMJ Story

Dr. Arthur Chal is a leading TMJ expert who lectures on TMJ treatment to other dentists. Here is a sample of his work. Ann’s results not only show his skill in relieving pain, but his artistry as well.

Ann, the patient pictured below, with severe TMJ problems. She had a dramatic open bite – none of her front teeth touched at all when she tried to close her mouth. Her pain was so debilitating that sometimes she couldn’t get out of bed.


ann-tmj-treatment-profile-beforeAnn, before starting TMJ treatment with Dr. Chal.

Even though she is smiling, we can still see the tension in her face, from the TMJ pain she is suffering.

ann-tmj-treatment-profile-afterAfter Dr. Chal completed his treatment, not only is her face more relaxed, but her profile is more balanced and attractive.

ann-tmj-treatment-afterAnn, after treatment by Dr. Chal, showing her beautiful smile.

Ann is from New Mexico. She recently returned to Dr. Chal’s office after seventeen years for a follow-up visit. As expected, she has had no recurrence of her pain, and her case is totally stable and still looks beautiful.

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