TMJ Success Stories

Dr. Arthur Chal’s strongest credentials are not the professional honors and lectures—they are his treatment successes and the testimonials of grateful patients. And he has many of those. Here is a partial listing. You may click the links to read more about each story and to see before-and-after photographs.

TMJ-relief-emily-after-thEmily suffered from pain for twenty years and had been to many dentists. But once she came into Dr. Chal’s office, she sensed that he had a higher level of expertise and caring than the others that had treated her. Read Emily’s story of how Dr. Chal relieved her pain and gave her a beautiful smile.

TMJ-relief-Lani-after-thLani was just 23 years old when she came to Dr. Chal, but was suffering from advanced arthritis in her TMJ. She had received poor orthodontic treatment and poor restorative dentistry and was in a lot of pain. She had complex problems, but with careful diagnostics and a careful, step-by-step procedure, all of the problems were solved. Her jaw was put back into proper alignment and she not only became pain-free, but ended up with a beautiful smile.

TMJ-relief-trudy-after-thTrudy describes what she calls a twenty-yeardentistry roller coaster ride,” while she suffered from constant pain, and wearing away of her teeth. She was surprised to find a dentist with the training, experience, and credentials of Dr. Chal. Read Trudy’s testimonial of the TMJ relief she received from Dr. Chal.

TMJ-relief-JD-after-thJoanne didn’t know she had TMJ disorder—she only knew she was suffering from neck and shoulder pain and headaches. She calls Dr. Chala godsend” in her life, who finally brought her relief of pain. Read Joanne’s testimonial.

TMJ-relief-Ann-after-thAnn had a severe open bite, and only her very back teeth touched when she tried to close. Dr. Chal brought her TMJ relief with a completely harmonious and functional bite in addition to a beautiful new smile. Ann’s case illustrates Dr. Chal’s functional, beautiful, and long-lasting results.

She was recently back in our office, seventeen years post-operatively. Her case is still as functional as it ever was, still beautiful as well, and she is pain-free.

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