TMJ Headaches

Joanne was suffering from TMJ headachesMany headaches are actually TMJ headaches are caused by temporo-mandibular dysfunction. They include repeated headaches and migraines, and others that many physicians may try to ascribe to other causes or may be a mystery to physicians. Dr. Arthur Chal is a nationally recognized expert in treating these headaches.

If you have constant or recurring headaches and no doctor has yet found a cause, it would be worth your while to be evaluated by a TMJ expert like Dr. Chal.

The jaw joint is very complex—more so than any other joint in the body. It allows for the jaw to swing like a door on a hinge. But it also allows the jaw to move from side to side and even to jut forward and back. No other joint allows this complex range of motions.

To keep the joint comfortable, there is a cartilaginous disk between the condyle of the jawbone and the temporal bone. Trauma or bite discrepancies can damage this disk, causing pain. But that is only one of the possible causes of headache pain.

Joanne was suffering from TMJ headaches.

Other Sources of TMJ Headache Pain

When your teeth don’t have a comfortable position where they can meet, it can causes spasms in the muscles that control jaw movement. These muscles, including the large temporalis and masseter muscles, occupy a large portion of the lateral surface of the head. When you have no comfortable place to close your teeth, these muscles try to steer your jaw into a more comfortable position. Since there is none, they may misfire and go into spasms. The resultant discomfort is often felt as a headache, sometimes as a very severe headache.

Joanne didn’t know that she had TMJ dysfunction—she only knew that she had headaches and neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Chal, with his careful diagnostic routine, was able to pinpoint her problem.

TMJ treatment is very complex and beyond the basic dental school training of dentists. Sophisticated techniques are used to first temporarily relieve the pain with special TMJ orthotics. Once spasms are under control, an experienced TMJ dentist like Dr. Chal can determine the proper closed position of the jaw and then restore the patient’s bite to that proper position.

You can see the relief in Joanne’s face in her “after” photograph on the right.
Joanne, after Dr. Chal relieved her TMJ headaches

Joanne called Dr. Chal a “godsend” for relieving her TMJ headaches.

Dr. Chal is recognized as a leading authority in treating TMJ headaches. He lectures to other dentists on the subject. See a list of his credentials as a TMJ dentist.

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