Sedation Dentistry

Patient using nitrous oxide

Patient using nitrous oxide

For anxious patients, nitrous oxide is an excellent relaxant to use for your dental treatment. And our experienced dentist makes this available for patients who want it.

This is a gas that you breath through a nosepiece while you are having your dental work done. It has a tremendous calming effect, and it is an excellent treatment for patients who are anxious, or for those who have trouble getting numb.

Nitrous oxide is especially convenient for dental work because it has no lingering effects—it wears off immediately. You can drive yourself to the office, have your appointment, and then leave with no adverse effects on your driving ability or anything else you may need to do.

It is highly effective at calming your nerves, and is extremely safe. It gives you a relaxed, tranquil feeling that is perfect for many people who feel a little anxious about dental treatment. It’s appropriate for anyone who feels uncomfortable in the dentist’s chair.

Nitrous oxide is called a conscious analgesic because patients remain fully awake and can communicate while it’s being used. It can be adjusted while it is administered, giving you the exact right dose that you need. It can also be stopped at any time, and its effects wear off before you leave the chair.

However, if you have severe treatment anxiety, nitrous oxide may not be strong enough for you. It is also not recommended for pregnant women. If you would like more information, please ask us.

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