Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction is a common treatment for patients with TMJ disorders. Dentists with deep understanding of restorative dentistry coupled with an thorough knowledge of jaw function, can rebuild all your teeth so that your jaw will begin to function harmoniously, and you can be relieved of pain.

A part of full mouth reconstruction involves finding your optimal jaw position. This may seem like a straightforward question, but, because of the great complexity of the jaw joint and the way we chew, and the way teeth come together, it requires a great amount of expertise for a dentist to find that correct position for a particular patient. If this step is done properly, it greatly increases the longevity of restorations and natural dentition.

Another part of this process is finding the correct distance of separation between the upper and lower jaws.

Other information:

  • TMJ treatment requires a great deal of expertise on the part of the dentist.
  • Read about the causes and symptoms of TMJ problems.

Patients who have extensive dental work done often like to use nitrous oxide as a convenient stress-reducer.

Additional Information About Full Mouth Reconstruction

To help our patients make the best decision for their oral health needs and cosmetic goals, Dr. Chal has provided answers to some of the most common questions about Full Mouth Reconstruction. During your initial consultation, Dr. Chal will evaluate your oral structures and will recommend appropriate diagnostic records to best address your concerns. To receive more specific recommendations for your dental objectives, please contact our practice to request an appointment.

How is Full Mouth Reconstruction different from smile design?

Both smile design and Full Mouth Reconstruction are dedicated to improving your teeth, jaw, and gums. Smile design utilizes either all cosmetic treatments or a combination of cosmetic and restorative procedures. In contrast, Full Mouth Reconstruction uses either all restorative techniques or a combination of restorative and esthetic approaches. As you can see, there is more in common with these procedures than different, and they are simply terms for patients to use to indicate they want more comprehensive oral care than a single method (cosmetic or reconstructive) can provide. At our practice, many of the people who undergo Full Mouth Reconstruction are seeking to alleviate complications and symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. But you don’t have to have TMJ disorder to be a candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction. During your initial consultation, we encourage you to voice all your concerns and ask all your questions. With this information, Dr. Chal can provide guidance that is personalized to your unique anatomic needs and expressed goals.

The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Dentist for Full Mouth Reconstruction

You deserve the best quality dental restorations, and that requires an experienced team of professionals. The type of materials used and the care and precision with which the treatment is performed will help determine how attractive and how long-lasting your outcome will be. Dr. Chal is committed to continuing education, completing far more courses each year than is required in order to provide exceptional results for his patients. His dedication has been acknowledged with “Top Dentist” awards and requests to lecture at some of the most prestigious international dental conferences.

Just as important, he works with The Phoenix Group, a carefully selected assembly of skilled dental specialists, including oral surgeons, maxillofacial radiologists, and 3D imaging experts. This comprehensive multidisciplinary team can definitively diagnose and address an extensive range of issues from simple to highly complex. Furthermore, with our on-site dental laboratory we have the ability to customize each case.

“The goal of treatment is to provide long-term health, stability, and comfort, thereby enhancing the patient’s quality of life.” – Dr. Chal

What procedures typically are included in Full Mouth Reconstruction?

With its focus on restoration, Full Mouth Reconstruction can include any number of procedures that restore the teeth, gums, jaw, and other oral structures, such as:

  • Dental implants
  • Bone grafting
  • Porcelain crowns
  • TMJ treatment

Dr. Chal will go over which techniques he believes can help you achieve the healthy, comfortable, and esthetically appealing smile you desire. Even if function is your primary concern, Dr. Chal always takes into consideration the final appearance of your teeth and gums; you should not have to choose between wellness and beauty.

Our patient testimonials speak to our commitment to care, quality, and results. We encourage you to peruse the reviews posted on our site as well as on Google, where you can read about Linda Jacobs’s personal experience with Full Mouth Reconstruction, as well as many other people’s treatments.

“Now, I feel the best I have in six years, and it’s really true that bad teeth can affect your whole health. And my teeth are beautiful. And I sent my husband, Richard, who also had a full mouth reconstruction, and is feeling great, too. Dr. Chal is the best in the business, in my opinion!” – Linda Jacobs

Can I add in cosmetic treatment as well?

Full Mouth Reconstruction is tailored to your individual needs and your expressed goals. If you would like to incorporate cosmetic treatment into your program, there are many options for you to choose from. Dr. Chal can help you decide which techniques will optimize your result during your initial consultation.

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