TMJ Recognition

Dr. Arthur Chal is recognized internationally as a leading authority on TMJ problems and treatment. In addition to his clinical study and clinical skills, he has extra understanding of this disorder, since he himself has suffered from TMJ disorder.

2011 Best TMJ Dentist Award

best-tmj-dentistIn March 2012, the Consumers Research Council awarded Dr. Chal its 2011 Top Dentist Award for TMJ Dentistry.

Others have recognized him as a leading expert in TMJ Therapy. TMJ researcher and pioneer Dr. Mark Piper of St. Petersburg, Florida, recognizes him as one of the few five-star TMJ experts in the United States and refers patients to him.

Further information:

  • We encourage to read more about Dr. Chal’s personal experience with TMJ disorder.
  • On this site you can also read about Dr. Chal’s lecture presentations on TMJ disorder to professional dental societies.
  • Explore the main menu heading in the menu at the top of this page for more information about TMJ treatment. You can also read testimonials of the success of Dr. Chal’s TMJ therapy with patients.


We need to acknowledge that, while there is substantial extra post-graduate training for dentists to successfully treat this disorder, there is no separate discipline within dentistry for TMJ dentist, so it is not accurate to call anyone a TMJ specialist. There are also no professionally recognized standards for designating any one dentist as “the best” or the best in any field or treatment area. This does not prevent outside organizations from conducting surveys or making other determinations of who they believe is the best dentist or the best in any one treatment area.

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