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Many TMJ dentists will say that they understand what you are going through. However, there are very few that have personally been treated for TMJ pain and damage to their joint. Dr. Chal was rear ended in a motor vehicle accident experiencing “classic whiplash” and significant structural damage to his TMJ. His unique experience combined with internationally renowned credentials means that Dr. Arthur Chal can truly empathize with you while also providing exceptional treatment customized to your needs. Furthermore, our practice incorporates the expertise of a wide range of highly experienced and skilled dental and medical professionals to help identify, diagnose, and treat TMJ disorder successfully. This team includes Dr. David Hatcher, Dr. S. Thomas Deahl, Dr. Randy Silberman, and Tanya Rudolph D.R.T., our Dental Radiographic Technician. Together with Dr. Chal’s training and commitment to patient care, we can typically achieve effective, lasting results and virtually pain-free jaw function.

TMJ is an abbreviation for temporo-mandibular joint. This is the joint that joins the upper and lower jaws. It is highly complex, allowing both rotation and translation. In other words, it is constructed so as to allow your lower jaw to rotate open, like a hinge, or to slide forward or side-to-side.

Because of this, TMJ treatment is similarly complex. There are any number of things that could be wrong, and each requires a different treatment. Pain in the TMJ can come from a traumatic injury, from degenerative joint disease, from bite discrepancies, or from stress. Simple dental school education isn’t enough to be an expert in this field. A dentist needs considerable dedicated study beyond dental school. Realistically, 99% of dentists and physician have no training in this area.

As far as the disorder itself, TMJ pain can be mild, or it can be severe and debilitating.

Dr. Chal is recognized nationally as a leading authority on TMJ treatment. Here is a partial list of his credentials:

  • Dr. Chal is a hospital-trained dentist (image below)
  • Doctors at the Mayo Clinic, when they have a patient with TMJ disorder, often refer them to Dr. Chal for treatment.
  • Dr. Chal also receives referrals from other leading TMJ authorities, including Dr. Mark Piper and Dr. Peter Dawson.
  • In 1999, Dr. Chal was elected to membership in the American Equilibration Society. This organization is dedicated to the study and treatment of TMJ disorder.
  • In 2004, Dr. Chal was given the high honor of lecturing at the annual meeting of the American Equilibration Society. An international audience of doctors from 37 countries were in attendance. Dr. Chal presented his diagnostic and treatment protocols for TMJ/TMD.


The reality is that less than 1% of dentists are hospital trained or have ever completed a hospital residency. Dr. Chal was taught at Great Lakes Naval Hospital that you must have a diagnosis before you begin any treatment. This is how medical doctors have always been taught and practice today. Dentist are not taught this way and do not need to provide a diagnostic code(Physicians have to have a diagnostic code and a treatment code, dentists do not) prior to treatment.

USS_America (CV-66)

After completing his hospital residency Dr. Chal served as dental officer onboard the USS America (CV-66) which was an invaluable experience. He was responsible to solve many dental problems that a young dentist would have normally never been exposed to.

There is an entire section of this website devoted to the treatment of TMJ disorder, including case studies of difficult cases that stymied other dentists. Check the menu at the top of this page, under “TMJ,” and you’ll find twelve subject categories. Some of those pages link to more pages where you will find greater detail.

An interesting place to start may be Dr. Chal’s personal TMJ story. He started as a TMJ patient after being injured in an automobile crash. You may then wish to read about his treatment approach and philosophy, which discusses his careful diagnostic work that helps him to determine the precise cause of your pain. He also discusses how he never recommends a treatment without giving you an accurate estimation of its chances for success.

To get a better idea of what to expect from TMJ treatment with Dr. Chal, we recommend that you read the TMJ testimonials from our patients. Some of these cases were considered hopeless by other dentists; however, with Dr. Chal’s help, many of the individuals found complete relief of pain and returned to full oral health.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chal, please contact our office today.

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