Alvelor Nerve Damage After Wisdom Tooth Removal

So I’m positive my aveolar nerve is damaged. It was a rough tooth extraction of the right bottom wisdom tooth which was resting directly on the nerve. The oral surgeon had to use a drill to cut the tooth in half and took a long time to finally pull it out. It was very excruciating no matter how much anesthetic he injected. After wards the nerve continued to hurt very much. He said he could see the nerve but that he doesn’t believe he damaged it. Well it’s been a few hours (and yes I know it can take a few days) but the right side of my chin and bottom lip is completely numb, not tingly or anything, absolutely numb and uncomfortable. Also it feels itchy but obviously scratching it does nothing. What can I do?

Thanks, Marcus in Texas

Dear Marcus,

Nerve damage is a risk factor when having impacted wisdom teeth extracted, however it does not happen often. You just had your extraction a few hours ago and it can take several hours for the tingling and numbing effect to dissipate. If your nerve was touched just a little you may even experience numbness for several days or even a few weeks. We recommend that you give it some time instead of jumping to conclusions. If your oral surgeon says he thinks he did not damage it, then he probably did not, however not a guarantee.

If one has nerve damage that is longer lasting symptoms may include continuous numbness of the chin, jaw, or lower lip. One may also experience pain or a swelling in the jaw, chin or the tongue. These are just a few of the symptoms of inferior alvelor nerve damage. Nerve damage can be short lived or become permanent meaning paraesthesia, cause a reduced sensation of feeling, or even an unpleasant abnormal sensation can occur. When nerve damage does occur the recovery rate is 50% to 100%.

If after three months you still have symptoms we recommend you visit an oral surgeon to further explore the nerve and see your treatment options. TMJ pain also has the potential to result from a tooth extraction.

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