Will insurance cover my TMJ work?

I was wondering if I had TMJ treatment, will it be covered by my insurance? And how will you know which treatment is right? I’ve had TMJ as long as I can remember and the pain just seems to get worse and worse.

– Anna from Arizona


This is Dr. David Hall. I work with Dr. Chal and answer some of these questions on his behalf.

I would not expect your MEDICAL insurance to cover any TMJ work. People think that since TMJ disorder causes headaches and other physical dysfunction, that their medical insurance should cover it. While that makes perfect sense, medical insurance plans usually protect themselves by including phrasing in their contracts exempting any dental work, no matter what the purpose of the work.

As far as being covered by a dental plan, dental plans vary widely. There would be some of the services that would come under your dental plan, but not all of them, and which ones or how much of them would be covered – that would vary a lot from one plan to another. You would be best off not counting on much help from your dental insurance.

As far as your condition, you have made an excellent choice in seeking treatment from TMJ dentist Dr. Chal. This is where he excels – people who have had pain from TMJ for years that no one else has been able to solve. You’re in good hands. You may have had experiences with other dentists who have had to guess at the proper TMJ treatment for you. That happens a lot, but it shouldn’t happen with Dr. Chal. He does very careful diagnostic work and won’t do any treatment unless he’s confident it will solve your problem.

Dr. Hall

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