Treatment of Terrible TMJ Pain

Lani had suffered from painful arthritis in her TMJ for years before she decided to visit Dr. Arthur Chal.

Lani shared, “My case was one of the most difficult ones on record, and I was in a lot of pain.” At only 23 years old, this truly was one of the most advanced cases Dr. Chal had seen at such a young age. Not only did she suffer from extreme TMJ problems, but Lani also had alignment issues that resulted mostly from poor dentistry during her childhood and college years at NYU, as well as poor orthodontic care. The pain Lani dealt with daily was excruciating.

“When I first visited Dr. Arthur Chal, it was the first time I ever felt confident that I would end up with a great, pain free smile. He really educated me on what I was facing and always told me all of my options,” Lain said.

To see the radiographs of Lani’s TMJ, as well as before and after images of her case, visit Dr. Chal’s TMJ treatment page.

After meeting with and analyzing Lani’s case, Dr. Chal determined that a full-mouth reconstruction was in order to get Lani out of pain once and for all.  He called upon a team of highly qualified experts to create a systematic TMJ treatment plan. This approach addressed each of her problems taking care of several root canal treatments, gum disease, wisdom tooth extractions, as well as restorative porcelain crowns on every tooth. Through this process, Dr. Chal gave Lani a gift that she thought never possible again, a beautiful new smile to accentuate her facial structure and personality.

She can’t stop smiling now! Lani explains, “I am happy to say that I have a set of beautiful new teeth that truly feel like my own, and that will last me a lifetime. Now that my process has been completed, I look forward to smiling with confidence, and the continued care that this professional team will be giving me. Dr. Chal receives my highest recommendation.”

Dr. Chal’s credentials in treating TMJ pain are impressive. He wants you to know that you don’t have to suffer from TMJ headaches, jaw pain, or frustration any longer.

This post is provided by Phoenix TMJ dentist Dr. Arthur Chal.

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