Teeth are Terrible after Bulimia

I am a recovering bulimic. This ugly disease had me in it’s grip for over 20 years. I have sought counseling and am finally happy to see I no longer am suffering from bulimia. I am so grateful that I can say that, but my teeth have been severely damaged. They are literally about half their normal size due to so much tooth decay and erosion over the years. My front teeth are ugly, in fact they don’t even touch anymore. Pretty much they are thin as can be and chipped.

Now in my adult years my jaw on the left is protruding out. Each time I try to open and close my mouth I have a harsh headache and I think my bone is actually sticking out like an inch from where it used to be.

How do I even begin addressing this mess? Would there be any benefit in seeing a cosmetic dentist?

– Gloria in Missouri


Congratulations on overcoming bulimia!

A cosmetic dentist would be a great place to start regarding the cosmetic issues you mentioned. When your smile looks great, your self esteem and self confidence follow suit. But as you’ve outlined, bulimia can do tremendous damage to your dental health. If you seek the talents of an expert cosmetic dentist, one that has helped other bulimics, there is hope for your smile. If there is little tooth structure left from tooth erosion that occurred from repetitive vomiting, bonding technology can be used to restore the teeth. As long as your teeth have enough structure left to hold crowns on your teeth, this is a viable option for you.

In regard to the headaches and jaw problems you have described, this sounds like TMJ disorder. What has likely happened in your situation is that since your bite has been out of alignment, it has thrown of your jaw too. It is quite likely that finding an excellent cosmetic dentist that is familiar in treating recovering bulimics, he or she is also likely to successfully provide TMJ treatment as well with will help with the TMJ headaches. It is quite likely that you may end up needing crowns on almost all of your teeth in order to remedy your bite, but the end result can be a beautiful smile. There is always a chance that the right dentist will empathize with your situation and hopefully will work with you on payment if that is an issue.

Hopefully this information was helpful to you.

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