How to Achieve a Comprehensive, Definitive TMD Diagnosis and Why

shutterstock_282617972 %281%29Recurrent jaw pain affects millions of Americans. To address this concern effectively and to achieve lasting relief, it’s essential to see a qualified dentist with extensive training in TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) and its treatment. Dr. Arthur Chal, our experienced dentist, utilizes what’s known as the true medical model to arrive at a comprehensive, definitive TMD diagnosis. This unique approach allows Dr. Chal to provide customized care that focuses on the underlying causes of TMD, helping to achieve a long-lasting outcome.

The true medical model is a process of diagnosis that makes it possible for Dr. Chal to analyze a patient’s bite with precision, locate the source of the jaw pain, and address it effectively. Proper diagnosis requires the use of state-of-the-art imaging technology (CAT scans and MRIs) and a team of medical experts. Dr. Chal has completed extensive training in TMD and has become a recognized world authority on TMD treatment. Additionally, he collaborates with both medical and dental specialists who excel in their fields, including Dr. Thomas Deahl, Dr. Randy Silberman, and Dr. David Hatcher. You can learn more about our experts on the Our Professional Team page.

By combining these elements, patient care is elevated well beyond standard, and too often inadequate, treatment. Dr. Chal’s uncompromising approach is designed to give patients predictable, optimized results. If you’re experiencing jaw pain, Dr. Chal and his exceptional team can help.

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