How long do I have to suffer from TMJ pain – will it go away?

I have this nagging pain behind my ear, back by my jaw. I think it may be the temporo-mandibular joint. Do you know how I can treat it so it stops bothering me? I can’t even eat anything that’s not soft or that requires me to open my mouth all the way.

– Leslie in Michigan


It is important to visit an experienced TMJ dentist, sooner rather than later. Don’t put this off any longer, especially if it is affecting your day-t0-day life. You shouldn’t have to alter your diet because of TMJ pain.

There isn’t an easy answer to your question because TMJ disorder is very complex. There are several factors to consider as to what the cause is and what the best treatment plan will be. Stress, a traumatic injury, TMJ joint disease, problems with your bit or misalignment of teeth are all sources of possible TMJ problems.

Some people deal with pain that is mild and others have debilitating TMJ headaches, jaw clicking, and pain.

Treatment plans vary, but a night guard or TMJ mouth piece is a popular treatment. This appliance will reposition the jaw into the correct position and hopefully over time your TMJ will be cured. You won’t have to wear the mouth piece forever.

Each TMJ case is unique and it is encouraged that you meet with an experience TMJ specialist that has a long list of credentials and TMJ training. Together a successful plan can be put into place.

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