How long before my TMJ symptoms are relieved?

I have been dealing with TMJ pain, like headaches and jaw clicking for the better part of a year now. I recently visited a dentist that recommended a mouth guard. The one thing he didn’t tell me was how long will it take to help my symptoms go away? Do I have to wear the mouth guard forever? I just want the clicking to stop!

– Jennifer in Texas


If the TMJ appliance was designed properly, it should relieve the clicking almost immediately. In fact, many patients will no longer have to wear the mouth guard after the TMJ joint is corrected.

Do you know if your dentist specializes in treating TMJ disorder? There are TMJ dentists out there that have many TMJ treatments to meet your needs individually. Unfortunately, many dentists will simply recommend a mouth guard and hope for the best. But there are many ways to treat these symptoms and the right dentist will treat your needs individually.

So the underlying question is, how long have you been wearing the mouth guard? If the symptoms continue after a couple of months, you may need to seek treatment elsewhere. If your TMJ is not properly treated, it can lead to more serious dental problems. Also, an experienced TMJ dentist will determine the cause of your problem to try and correct the issue at it’s source.

Hopefully this information was helpful to you.

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