Finally, No More TMJ Pain!

Billy is a 73 year old male that has dealt with extreme TMJ pain for decades. When the pain became unbearable, Billy finally decided it was time to see TMJ dentist Dr. Arthur Chal. Here is his story.

When Dr. Chal first examined Billy’s case it was apparent that his teeth were well worn and very stained. This coupled with the TMJ disorder may have led many dentists to recommend a full mouth restoration with all porcelain crowns on every tooth. But after listening to Billy, it seemed that the appearance of his teeth was not a priority but he desperately needed to get out of pain.

So Dr. Chal’s TMJ approach was to begin by ordering a CT scan of his temporomandibular joints to get the full story. This way he could analyze and determine the source of his pain and make a plan. Billy explained, “His approach is very conservative and he has presented me with alternatives at every stage of treatment.”

The results from the CT scan showed extreme problems with Billy’s left side TMJ. There was severe grinding with every movement of his jaw. The disc was not visible and the condyle was in extremely poor condition. His left TMJ was clearly the main source of his “excruciating” pain.

“After fitting me with an appliance, my pain was completely gone in 2 days and has not returned,” Billy said with a big smile. Amazingly, all it took to treat Billy was a removable appliance that when worn properly provided balance in his TMJ. This alleviated the pressure on his left TMJ, thus getting him out of pain once and for all.

Dr. Chal is not only a nationally-recognized TMJ dentist, but he used his in house laboratory to fabricate the orthotic. Dr. Chal’s laboratory alleviated any potential for miscommunication between the dentist and technicians to avoid mistakes.

When it was all said and done, this economical approach probably saved Billy over $15,000 in fees that would have resulted from having his TMJ operated on.

If you are interested in seeing photographs and radiographs of Billy’s case, please click here to learn more about this successful TMJ treatment story.

It has been over a year and Billy’s pain is non-existent. He wanted to share with anyone else that is dealing with painful TMJ that, “Dr. Chal and his staff are professional in every sense of the word and he makes every effort to ensure that you are proactive in all decision making regarding your treatment.”

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