Dr. Chal’s Personal Experience With TMJ Treatment

TMJ disorder typically refers to a range of symptoms stemming from the malfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This condition currently affects up to 10 million people in the nation. Dr. Arthur Chal, our extensively trained dentist, has first-hand experience with this disorder, which helps make him uniquely empathetic toward patients suffering from TMJ pain, as well as singularly devoted to finding the most effective treatments available. While TMJ disorder can develop from numerous causes, Dr. Chal’s condition occurred as a result of a traffic accident.

When Dr. Chal was just beginning in his career he was rear-ended by another driver on the road. In addition to several other injuries, he experienced severe whiplash that tore off the lateral ligaments of his TMJ, seriously damaging his jaw joint and causing significant pain. As a result, Dr. Chal sought out the services of a local TMJ pain clinic, assuming such a place would be well versed in the latest and most effective techniques available for TMJ treatment. Unfortunately, he soon discovered that their expertise was inadequate to the demands of the condition.

Dr. Chal then learned about Dr. Mark Piper, an MD, DMD, and TMJ surgeon in St. Petersburg, Florida, who had considerable experience successfully treating TMJ disorder and is recognized as one of the foremost TMJ surgeons in the world. As a result of Dr. Piper’s incomparable skill Dr. Chal, a fellow perfectionist, was determined to develop a similar level of expertise in TMJ treatment, and Dr. Piper agreed to mentor him. Through their mutually beneficial and respectful relationship, Dr. Chal now has the privilege of lecturing to other aspiring TMJ disorder authorities, as well as the honor of helping patients from around the country finally achieve pain relief.

If you have additional questions about TMJ disorder, TMJ treatment, or Dr. Chal’s personal experience with this condition, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chal, please contact us today.

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