Testimonials From Doctors

Among Dr. Chal’s patients are a number of physicians and other dentists. Here are some of their testimonials:

“Dr. Chal has been my dentist for 30 years. Early on he taught me the need for better personal dental hygene and at that time I needed several caps and fillings. Dr. Chal only used the best materials and latest techniques on those restorations;all but two have lasted to this day. My front teeth had porcelain caps placed in 1997 and again only best materials. Dr. Chal is one of the top practioners of esthetic and reconstructive dentistry in the country having been the President of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. His skill and dedication place him above the rest. I cannot recommend him more highly!”

Dr. John

“Dr. Chal has been my dentist for five years and I must say that he is the best in his profession. I have had several dental issues, dating back as far as adolescent braces, and no one has addressed them as meticulously and efficiently as Dr. Chal. My teeth are finally perfect and they look amazing. I am a physician at Mayo Clinic, and I have referred several of my patients to Dr. Chal for both cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry – everyone has been extremely pleased with the results and when I see them, they look great! Several had been to numerous dentists, undergoing multiple procedures, only to still have significant complications with their teeth. After seeing Dr. Chal, they are thrilled to finally have their problems resolved. It would be very difficult to find another dentist in this state with Dr. Chal’s extensive knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend him.”

Bonnie, a Mayo Clinic physician

“I have been a patient of Dr. Chal’s for over seven years, and I have never been to a more experienced, knowledgeable and exceptionally talented dentist. His credentials are impeccable and it is no surprise that he is consistently voted a ‘Top Dentist’ in Phoenix Magazine. As a plastic surgeon, I frequently have patients ask about referrals for aesthetic dentistry and Dr. Chal is the only dentist that I would recommend. I have seen numerous people who have spent thousands of dollars on their teeth, only to have disappointing results. Every patient I have referred to Dr. Chal has been extremely pleased. They simply cannot thank me enough for the referral and they continue to refer him to their friends. I would not just recommend Dr. Chal, but highly recommend him. He is one of the best in the nation.”

T, a plastic surgeon

“I am an emergency medicine physician in Phoenix and I have been a dental patient of Dr. Chal for several years. I am always satisfied with his very personal and professional care and find his staff extremely efficient and knowledgable as well. I have had some previously poor dental care by other dentists and will not go to any other dentist! I feel very fortunate that I stumbled upon Dr. Chal when I first relocated to Phoenix. Phoenix is very fortunate to have a member of the dental community with such experience right here!”


“I have known Dr. Chal and been a patient of his for many years. I am a physician and have had the opportunity to refer patients to him who suffered from horrible and complex dental problems, often due to previous improper and inappropriate care. All of those patients have benefitted from his expertise. After seeing the results and hearing from patients about their experiences, I feel that Dr. Chal has earned the title, ‘Master of Disaster!’ Patients who could not sleep because of dental pain, or who suffered from recurrent infections due to previous dental restorations that did not last, and patients who lost teeth due to poor mastication and TMJ difficulties, have all had resolution of their problems. I am pleased to give Dr. Chal my highest recommendation!”

Jack, another plastic surgeon

“As a retired Mayo Clinic Phyisican, I appreciate those professionals who take time and personal interest in their patients. Dr. Chal and his staff are superb examples of this standard of care. He is thorough and meticulous and skillful in dental diagnosis and treatment. My two crowns were prepared and inserted with exactitude and comfort. Overall experience was of the highest quality.”

Jim, a retired Mayo Clinic physician

“I am a physician and am very discerning when it comes to other professionals’ work. Dr. Chal was recommended to me by my periodontist 7 years ago to treat TMJ. Not only did he completely eradicate my symptoms by his treatment but he also put the most gorgeous porcelain caps on my 4 front teeth. When I’m on TV or out socially I always get comments about my sensational smile. His service is stellar. His staff is terrific. I would send anyone I care about to this exceptional ‘one in a million’ perfectionist, Dr. Art Chal.”