Dr. Chal has earned much praise and gratitude from the many patients he has helped over the years. We’ve included some of their words and pictures below.

thumbFixed bridgework to replace fractured tooth.

“The difference between an adequate dentist and Dr. Chal’s expertise, talent, tools, and materials is astounding!”

thumb-1Fixed bridgework produces esthetic enhancement by replacing existing bridgework.

“I would stop myself from smiling because of the way my teeth looked.”

thumb-2This patient had recovered from bulimia, and stomach acid had destroyed all of the enamel on the tongue side of the upper front teeth. Eight upper front teeth were restored with custom refractory all-ceramic crowns. Treatment included in-office power whitening and contouring of the lower front teeth.

To protect her privacy, we have provided a photograph of only the teeth.

“genuine compassion, dental expertise, and artistic talent”
“A California resident, I travel 657 miles to be treated by the finest doctor in his realm.”

thumb-3Esthetic rejuvenation is the result of new custom refractory all-ceramic crowns and fixed bridgework. This patient was featured in a Phoenix Magazine article.

“This gives me the confidence to smile more and show my teeth.”

Read about Al’s case in a Phoenix Magazine article

thumb-4A “gummy smile” was corrected through coordinated interdisciplinary care, which included TMJ therapy, orthodontics, periodontal “gum lift” surgery and custom refractory all-ceramic crowns to restore excessively worn teeth.

“Dr. Chal perfected my bite so that I am nearly 100% pain free. I also have a great smile that I am proud of!”

thumbImplant-supported bridge is used to replace teeth lost due to periodontal compromise.

“The ‘before and after’ pictures on your website speak for themselves, except they cannot express how much better one feels when dental health is restored.”

thumb-2Coordinated interdisciplinary care included: TMJ therapy, periodontics, dental implant integration, and prosthetic dentistry.

“Now that I am totally pain free I think back on how much I suffered and can only imagine where I’d be today if it were not for Arthur Chal, DDS.”

thumb-3Coordinated interdisciplinary care included: TMJ therapy, periodontics, dental implant integration, and prosthetic dentistry.

“Dr. Chal’s extensive research and study throughout the United States and Europe have afforded him access to the most recent and sophisticated restorative dental treatment to date.”

thumb-1Implant-supported full upper and lower dentures restore a mature smile.

“I wish I’d known about Dr. Chal before I wasted so much time and money with another dentist. My teeth fit amazingly!”

thumb-4Coordinated interdisciplinary care included: TMJ therapy, oral surgery, periodontics, endodontics, osteopathic manipulation, and highly specialized prosthetic dentistry with custom components fabricated by

“These people are technically brilliant and superb in emotional support.”

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