Please, please, please make the snoring stop!

Please help me!!! My husband is only 23 years old and he is not obese. He snores all night long and I cannot take it! It doesn’t matter if he lays on his back or his side either. Nose strips don’t work! I have had many hours in the middle of the night to analyze this and I’m thinking it is because he doesn’t open his mouth enough when he is breathing. All I hear is this annoying wheezing sound. I was overheard complaining about it around his mom and she said he has always had really bad adenoids. Ear plugs are really hard for me to sleep in without hurting my ears. My only success lately has been to take sleeping pills which I hate doing. Please any help would be super appreciated! I need sleep.

– Gina in North Carolina


Sorry to hear about your husband’s snoring. Although these tips don’t work for everyone, it’s worth a try:

  • Elevate the head with a thicker pillow or multiple pillows.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages before bed. No sleeping pills, antihistamines, or tranquilizers. These will relax the muscles around the airway and may increase the chances of snoring.
  • Avoid mucus-causing dairy products.
  • Weight loss helps individuals stop snoring that are overweight.
  • Sleeping on the side helps some people.
  • Inhalation of steam or using a humidifier will help to reduce congestion.
  • Stop smoking.

If none of these helps, your husband may actually have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that cuts off the breathing passageway so that an individual actually stops breathing. What happens is that the tongue is so relaxed along with the rest of your body that it impinges the airway. If your husband startles awake at night or with a shortness of breath, wakes up still tired and fatigued throughout the day – these are all symptoms. You may want to see your physician or undergo a sleep study to help diagnose the situation.

Some doctors recommend surgical procedures or what is called a CPAP machine. But you may consider finding a dentist that treats sleep apnea with a dental appliance. This non-surgical solution actually repositions the jaw into a more favorable position to eliminate snoring. It simply involves getting fitted for an oral appliance that is worn overnight. Many patients rave about the results and prefer a non-surgical treatment.

Hopefully this information gets you sleeping better very soon.

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