Phoenix Clear Choice Second Opinions

If you have been to Clear Choice Dental Implants Centers, Phoenix location, and have had a treatment plan and are questioning it, we may be able to help you.

Give us a call, and we can set up an examination and give you an informed second opinion.

We don’t question the clinical competence of any of the personnel at Clear Choice. They seem to us to be very competent dentists. But Dr. Arthur Chal does differ somewhat in treatment philosophy, and he disagrees on some professional clinical issues. So, if you would like another point of view on your treatment plan, Dr. Chal would be an excellent choice to give you that second opinion.

Here are some of the issues where Dr. Chal tends to disagree with the Clear Choice dentists:

1. He has less confidence in the All-on-Four dental implants technique.

2. He is more likely to want to save existing teeth.

3. He almost always presents patients with a variety of options for solving teeth replacement issues. There are so many treatment choices available: Snap-on dentures for the economy-minded, full implant crown and bridge for the quality-conscious patient, various fixed and removable hybrid techniques, including fixed-retrievable restorations.

Clear Choice Reviews

We are also interested in hearing about your experience at Clear Choice. If you would like to share it, please see our Clear Choice Reviews page. You may also be interested in seeing other Clear Choice reviews that have been posted on our blog.

Free Second Opinions?

A qualified second opinion, unfortunately, involves careful study of the clinical condition of your mouth, and may involve the taking of records such as models and radiographs. Unfortunately, we can’t give you that quality opinion for free. But considering that you may have been quoted a cost of many thousands of dollars for your treatment plan, the cost of a quality second opinion is minor in comparison to that.

We hope that you will appreciate the quality of the second opinion, and the time and effort that will go into rendering it.

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