Dr. Chal and Willi Geller

WilliGeller 006

Dr. Chal and his master ceramist, Rick Durkee, have had a lengthy and close relationship with legendary dental ceramist Willi Geller. Here Dr. Chal and Mr. Geller are photographed in Germany when Dr. Chal and Mr. Durkee visited him there.

Then, several years ago, in his only visit ever to Arizona, Willi Geller stayed at the house of Dr. Chal’s master ceramist, Rick Durkee. The three had dinner together. Dr. Chal and Mr. Durkee felt especially honored by the visit, because Mr. Geller usually confines his trips to metropolitan areas where he lectures.

Willi Geller could easily be called the father of modern dental ceramics. In the 1980s, his German dental ceramics company, Creation, pioneered revolutionary techniques for mimicking natural tooth color and translucency. Visit the Creation website for more information about Willi Geller.

During his visit to Phoenix, Willi Geller mentioned that he knows of no other doctor-technician team in the world that has been longer lasting than the Chal-Durkee team.

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