Dental Implant Candidate

If you are missing teeth, then you are a dental implant candidate, according to Dr. Chal. There are some health considerations that need to be taken into account, but in most cases, he can work around those.

If patients don’t have enough bone to support dental implants, most dentists will tell the patient that they are not a candidate. However, Dr. Chal has assembled a team of some of the best surgeons, radiologists, and technicians, so that he can treat the hopeless candidate. And he has had surprising success.

Physicians at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, when they come across a patient who is a dental cripple, unable to function, and in some cases suffering from severe dental implant failure, they call on Dr. Chal. See some of his success stories.

All of Dr. Chal’s surgeons are dual-degreed. That means that they have a dental degree as well as a medical degree. The dental training is necessary to be able to work in the mouth, and the medical degree is important in order to be able to perform the difficult bone-grafting procedures that are needed in some of these hopeless cases. Click here to read more about bone grafting.

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