Complete Denture

If you are missing all your teeth, you need a complete denture. But unless that denture is retained with dental implants, you could have significant trouble. Here we will explain why.

FacialCollapse2When all your teeth are extracted, over the next few years you will have a condition called facial collapse, which is illustrated at the left.

Both the upper and the lower jawbones shrink.
The height of the lower face decreases, causing the face to appear shriveled and old.
The upper lip sinks in.
However, if dental implants are placed, they will stop this process. That is a primary reason for having your complete denture retained by dental implants.

Additionally, implants will secure your denture so that you will be able to function normally, without awkwardness in speaking and eating, and without the continual annoyance of sore spots, your teeth coming loose at embarrassing times, or other difficulties associated with the wearing of false teeth.

Complete Denture Options

A snap-on complete denture

A snap-on complete denture

There are many ways to place dental implants to help retain your complete dentures, and the various options can be tailored to your budget. Dr. Chal’s recommendation for an entry-level treatment is the snap-on denture. Two implants are placed toward the front of the jaw, and the complete denture will snap onto these. Since there are only two implants, they won’t completely stop the shrinking of the bone, but they will stop it enough so that you won’t have facial collapse. And your teeth will be much more secure than if they were simply allowed to float in your mouth.

There are various other options, from an implant overdenture to complete restoration with implant-retained crowns and bridges. Costs are generally proportional to the number of implants placed, though there are other factors. For more information, see our page on dental implant costs.

Phoenix implant dentist Dr. Chal is especially skilled in creating beautiful smiles. Whichever treatment option you select, he will make sure that you look your best.

Especially if you are already suffering from facial collapse, you need a dentist with the expertise of Dr. Chal. If this is your situation, many dentists will tell you that you are not a dental implant candidate because you don’t have enough bone to support the implants. Dr. Chal, however, has assembled a team of the best surgeons, radiologists, and technicians, and he can reconstruct your mouth when other dentists would consider you hopeless.

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