Bulimia Story

A Case Study of Bulimia and a Smile Makeover

J.T. had suffered from bulimia. She had overcome that, but every time she looked in the mirror she was reminded of this ugly part of her past.

You see, with bulimia, the stomach acid will eat away at the insides of the teeth until they are just a shell. They start to chip, and they look unnaturally translucent. You can see this in the “before” photographs below. Notice in the third photograph that the enamel is completely gone from the insides of the teeth. Click here to read more about bulimia and teeth.

Treating the bulimia patient requires more than just clinical skills. It requires emotional understanding and compassion. There are very delicate emotional issues involved. We would not even suggest for such a patient, for example, that we would want to post full-face photographs.

You can see the beautiful clinical results in the photographs. You can feel the emotional results in J.T.’s warm thank-you letter below.


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