Bicon Dental Implants Review

This is a review of a case study of a patient that had received a Bicon dental implant attempting to replace a maxillary premolar.

Bicon specializes in short dental implants. Dr. Chal and his surgeons do not use Bicon implants.

This patient presented to Dr. Chal stating that he had lost confidence in his previous dentist. This dentist had surgically placed the Bicon dental implant root form and the implant crown. The implant crown fell out in less than a week. The x-ray on the right shows the Bicon short implant root form that was utilized.

It has been Dr. Chal’s experience that the size of the root form is critical for long-term success of the case.

Bicon Dental Implants Courses

Bicon Dental Implants Courses

This company offers free one-day courses in placing and restoring dental implants. By comparison, dental schools and the respected Misch Institute offer hundreds of hours of post-graduate training to adequately prepare dentists for placing and restoring dental implants.

Recommended Treatment

This patient, if the adjacent were healthy and solid, could be a candidate for a dental bridge. However, since they have root canal treatments and their bone support is seriously compromised, a bridge, unfortunately, carries too high a risk of failure. Dr. Chal would recommend removing the weak teeth, grafting in additional bone, and placing multiple dental implants.

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