Very Unhappy with Smile Makeover!

My dentist gave me a smile makeover with Lumineers. But they have all fallen off at one time or another. I am getting sick of having to go back in to have the re-bonded. The last one, I didn’t realize that it fell off until it as too late and I swallowed it. Now my dentist is trying to convince me to do porcelain veneers. He says they will work much better for me. But the price tag is $1200 a tooth. I already spent a lot of money on Lumineers that I am really hesitant to pay that much and have the same thing happening. Any advice?

– Pamela in South Carolina


Sorry to hear you have had such a negative experience with Lumineers. Complaints are not unheard of with Lumineers. The no-preparation technique is a big selling point, yet the results often times fall short. Also, the simple process lures in dentists that really have no place doing cosmetic dentistry. There are so many advanced techniques that must be perfected, including mastering the bonding materials and perfecting the translucency and exact look you are trying to portray. Cosmetic dentistry is an art form and not every dentist has the proper training and passion to do this kind of highly aesthetic work well.

Unfortunately, it sounds like your dentist may be falling into this category. Here’s why, Lumineers are really just another brand of porcelain veneers. This means you already have porcelain veneers. You may want to seek another opinion from a more experienced cosmetic dentist before trusting your current dentist again. Or if you are confident that your dentist truly can give you the smile you are after, you may ask him to credit the failed Lumineers cost toward your new veneers.

Sorry to hear you have been unhappy, but thank you for sharing! Far too many dentists offer cosmetic dentistry and are not equipped to provide beautiful work. Hopefully your story will be seen by others considering a smile makeover.

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