Problems with Porcelain Veneers

My sister is such a show off and it’s always been like this between us. Anyway, I have been talking about getting porcelain veneers for six months now and guess who went ahead and beat me to the punch? That’s right. My sister had to go out and get porcelain veneers to one-up me. But I guess the joke is on her, because she has had a lot of problems. They look fake and one of them has already popped off. Do you know if I need to be concerned about getting them now? Or maybe it’s something she did?

– Courtney in Ohio


Well, the good thing in this particular situation for you is that hopefully you can learn from her situation and avoid the same problems she is having. Fake porcelain veneers are usually the result of a problem in their translucency. This is because our natural teeth absorb natural light and reflect them in a certain way and if veneers are made to be too uniform or solid in color, they just don’t look right. Unfortunately, this happens a lot and usually is due to the fact that the cosmetic dentist may not have the proper training or expertise. Anyone can claim to be a cosmetic dentist, but the truth is that only a very small percentage (less than 2 percent) of dentists have the artistic inclinations and training to do beautiful cosmetic dentistry. The coloring and opacity must be matched perfectly to give that beautiful, natural result. So lesson number one is find an excellent cosmetic dentist. Sounds like you should definitely use a different one than your sister used.

Also, porcelain veneers should not fall off if they are applied correctly. In fact, they should last for years and in some cases it is not uncommon for porcelain veneers to last for 10-15 years. Again, the fault lie with the dentist’s lack in ability or it could also be the laboratory that was used. Having them pop off was not something that your sister did.

Hopefully this gives you some helpful information as you find the right cosmetic dentist for your porcelain veneers. You may have the last laugh this time around!

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