My tooth is discolored, what should I do?

One of my front teeth is discolored and has been for a long time now. It is a light brownish shade that continues to darken as more time passes by. Someone told me that a veneer or Lumineer would be good. I’m wondering if I end up replacing this front tooth, will I need to get all my front teeth done too? Or do you think I should have a root canal treatment and then get the veneer? Any insight is appreciated.

– Christina in Nevada


It is important that you get to the bottom of the discoloration issue before you move forward with any kind of treatment. If the nerve endings are dead, a tooth will tend to discolor. So if this is the case for you, than you will need to have a root canal treatment done first. A dental crown is usually placed on the tooth when a root canal is performed which will help protect the tooth from the potential to fracture. A zirconia crown is a beautiful cosmetic treatment that can be done to perfectly match your surrounding teeth.

If you are unhappy with the color of your other front teeth, than porcelain veneers may be an option for you. Lumineers are just a particular brand of porcelain veneers that do not require any tooth preparation. More important than the end treatment plan, is the dentist that you select to do this kind of work. A front tooth is very visible and can be seen every time you smile. So make sure you do your research and seek out an expert cosmetic dentist. This is because the techniques and training that is required for a dentist to do excellent cosmetic dentistry are not taught in dental school. Not just any dentist can do this high level or artistic work well.

Best of luck to you.

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