How can I save money on a smile makeover?


I am unhappy with my teeth. It probably all started when I was a kid because I never wore my retainer like I was supposed to. Now my teeth are crooked and crowded. My dentist also tells me that I’m a grinder and I clench my teeth. Those habits have apparently worn down the enamel on my teeth. I also have some yellowish coloring which may be from antibiotic use when I was young.

An added issue to all this is that I generally don’t like going to the dentist. I wouldn’t say I’m fearful but I get very anxious so I don’t keep up on preventive care like I probably should.

But I’m starting to see that I’m becoming self conscious about the way my teeth look. I’m very interested in getting a smile makeover, I’m just not so sure that my dentist is the right fit for this kind of work. A friend of mine just spent close to $30,000 on her new smile. I simply can’t afford that, yet recognize not just any dentist can do this kind of work well.

Do you have any recommendations?

– Jerry in Florida


Beautiful cosmetic dentistry is on the expensive side, you are right about that. It is difficult to price shop when you are comparing dentists and you need to be careful when doing so. There are many great cosmetic dentists in Florida which may help you with competition.

From what you have described, it sounds like porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns will give you the results you are after. And since you mentioned that you are a grinder and your enamel is worn down, you may want to go with porcelain crowns over veneers.

What you may want to do is call around to get a fee on a porcelain crown for the purpose of comparison. It is likely that many dentists won’t give that information to you over the phone. But you may be able to do some research to find one that better fits your budget.

When a dentist is really pricey, it typically is a strong indicator that they do excellent cosmetic work. You may run into some average dentists that charge higher, but be cautioned when you find too good of a deal. It is likely the quality of the product is not what you will be happy with and may end up causing you many more expenses in the long run when you have problems. Hopefully you can find a qualified cosmetic dentist with reasonable fees.

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