Tattooed Teeth

Can I get a crown with something special on it like the logo of a sports team?

– Michael in California


Yes. There are some dental labs that specialize in “tooth tattoos”.  You usually need to provide a picture of what you would like and it will more than likely cost a little more.  Be sure to get an estimate for the dental crown before hand. Your insurance company will not cover any of the extra cost. Once you provide the design, the image is not just laid on the crown.  It is embedded in the crown and then fired in an oven with temperatures over 1500 degrees. Most tattoo crowns are done for teeth that are in the back of the mouth and  unlike body tattoos, if you don’t like it in a few years, you can get a new crown.  Some of the tattooed crowns have been American flags, racing stripes, college team logos and initials.  Ask your dentist if he knows of a lab that will work with you and they may have you stop by to give them your design and discuss what you would like.  Most dental labs do routine crowns, dental bridges, porcelain veneers and dentures and would welcome a little fun and variety in their day.

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