Our Laboratory Facility

Dr. Arthur Chal has devoted approximately one-third of his office facility to dental laboratory space. Your typical dental practice sends all its work to an outside laboratory with little supervision or quality control. But a great part of quality dentistry is quality laboratory work. This is why Dr. Chal has developed this impressive facility with long-term and intimate relationships with everyone involved in producing your dentistry.

lab-2Chal-2This is Dr. Chal’s laboratory bench where he routinely sits down with new patients to show you how your treatment will be accomplished and to answer all your questions.

lab-3rick-durkeeThis is the work station where Rick Durkee, CDT, AAACD, Dr. Chal’s master ceramist, will custom color your ceramic crown and bridgework to exactly match your other teeth.

lab-4bruce-keelingThis is the primary work space of Bruce Keeling, CDT, Dr. Chal’s implant technician. Here he custom fits your implant appliance. This chair is only fifteen feet from the primary treatment room, making it very convenient for him to make whatever adjustments are necessary for a perfect fit.

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