Profits Vs. Patients: The Consequences of the Rise of Corporate Dentistry

shutterstock_79082722You can see them dotting strip malls along the roads: chain dental practices with enticing names and impressive advertising. These corporate dentistry properties can seem like a convenient option when a tooth begins to ache or another oral health concern arises unexpectedly. Unfortunately, many of these offices care less about the quality of your treatment than the opportunity to turn a profit. At Chal Dentistry, Dr. Arthur Chal, our skilled dentist, emphasizes the patient experience and outcome rather than the bottom line. While a patient-first philosophy may not be trendy in today’s market, we believe your well-being should always be the most important factor.

Part of the problem with corporate dental practices can be the chain of command. In many cases, the dentists are merely employees who are subject to production quotas and may be further incentivized by bonuses that encourage them to recommend unnecessary treatment or utilize inappropriate (and often lower quality) materials. While some patients seek out these facilities for low cost care, they may spend more money in the long run than if they had received unbiased advice initially, due in part to the need for additional services to address the damage that could be caused by these ethically ambiguous practices. Furthermore, if a product manufacturer sponsors the dental business, you may be urged to purchase a package that includes the product regardless of your need.

While corporate dentistry can be impersonal and profit-centered, our private practice concierge dentistry is focused on the patient experience. We strive for excellence at every step, prioritizing your comfort, treatment, and outcome from the moment you walk in the door. We will never recommend a course of action you don’t need, and we offer the most advanced, most effective, and safest procedures possible.

To learn more about the differences between concierge and corporate dentistry, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chal, please contact our office today. We look forward to serving you.

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