Kidney Disease and Dental Health

I was recently diagnosed with kidney disease and I am wondering how it affects my dental health. Can you give me advice as to how I can maintain a healthy mouth?

Thanks, Glenda in California

Dear Glenda,

What we do know is that people with kidney disease have a more weakened immune system, therefore one is more prone to infections. Bacteria in the mouth that builds up causes infection, so good oral hygiene, meaning brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings are very important in helping to prevent infection. When one is put on dialysis due to their kidney disease they are more prone to periodontal disease (gum disease) compared to the general public. If one develops inflammation from periodontal disease it puts the patient more at risk for cardiovascular disease.

People with kidney disease are also at risk for loss of bone in the jaw and weakened bones so many patients are recommended to take calcium and phosphorous supplements to keep levels steady and prevent bone loss from occurring. This being said, every patients case is different and it’s best to discuss supplement intake with your physician because they know more of what your body needs and does not need. If you suffer bone loss in the jaw, there is a potential for tooth loss. Dental implants are the best treatment for replacing a missing tooth if you ever get into that situation.

Ask your kidney physician if you require antibiotics before dental procedures. Some people are more prone to infection then others therefore will required to take antibiotics before dental procedures. Remember, our mouths are full of bacteria, good and bad. So when dental work is being done that bacteria gets stirred up and enters into the bloodstream. If you are one more prone to infection the bacteria can make you very sick and be life threatening.

We advice you to consult with your kidney doctor as well as your dentist on whats needed for you to maintain good oral health and a healthy body.

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