Bluish-purple Lump on my Lip

I have this bluish-purple lump on my lower lip that won’t seem to go away. I started noticing it a few years back. What is it and what can I do about it?

Thanks, Lois in Iowa

Dear Lois,

Most likely this bluish-purple lump you are seeing on your lower lip is called a venous lake. These lumps are benign and more common in men. This is described as a pooling of blood under the skin of the lips. They can also from on the ears and neck too. They are most common in people over 50 years old however can be present in younger adults and usually a result of a lot of sun exposure overtime. They can be treated by a dentist who has a diode laser. These types of lasers remove venous lakes quick and are the least invasive procedure. Dentists are best at numbing the mouth too because creams that may be used at the dermatologists are not effective. This procedure may have to be repeated to completely make it disappear.

Some dentists may want you to see an oral surgeon for a biopsy just to make sure it is nothing serious. The reasoning for this is to rule out basal cell carcinoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, and malignant melanoma to name a few. Prognosis is excellent for this condition because these lesions don’t grow into more dangerous types of lesions such as cancer of the skin.

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