Will my dental implants hold up during a contact sport?

I am missing my two front teeth and am supposed to be getting dental implants. I want to know if implants will present any limitations in keeping up with my mixed martial arts or jujitsu? Will they become damaged or will the implants fall out?

– Pete in Nebraska


When you meet with your implant dentist, please be open and honest about your intentions to continue with your martial arts. Once the healing period has passed and the permanent dental implants have been placed, your dental implants will function and look just like natural teeth. So as far as the chances of your dental implants falling out, the chances would be about the same as they are for your natural teeth. The titanium post will be surgically implanted in your jawbone and the bone will heal around it making it just as stable as your natural tooth.

So aside from any special instructions your dentist provides during the healing period (which can last for six months), you should be able to participate. For any contact sport, it is absolutely imperative that you wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth from possible trauma. That won’t change. Just because you have dental implants it doesn’t mean that the implants will be stronger than your natural teeth were. So please wear mouth protection, even during practice.

Kudos to you for choosing dental implants. They truly are the best solution to replace missing teeth.

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