Why do they want to pull my teeth?

I have been told by two different dentists that my front teeth need to be pulled. I really, really don’t want to have my teeth pulled. One of my front teeth had dental bonding previously, but the bonding has broke off. They are telling me that a partial denture will work much better. I feel like I’m too young for any kind of denture, I mean I’m only 35 years old. I’m not concerned with budget, I just don’t want to be toothless. I’m not in any kind of pain. Even my chipped tooth doesn’t bother me at all. Do I have any other options?

– Carol in Oregon


It sounds like these dentists have given you their opinion so please do not try to persuade them otherwise. Here’s why. Every dentist varies in how they feel about saving teeth. If a particular dentist doesn’t place a high value on it, there is likely a reason for it. Trying to change their mind would not be good for you if they are doing something they aren’t comfortable with. It very well could be that they don’t want to mess with another, more complex treatment. Plus, it is quite risky to try and save teeth because ultimately the chance always exists for failure. Pulling teeth and replacing them with a removable partial denture is easier than alternate treatments. The bottom line is that you never want to push a dentist out of their comfort zone.

It is difficult to make any specific recommendations without having seen your teeth firsthand. But from what you have described it seems that you likely haven’t been neglecting them, or you wouldn’t want to save them. Also, since budget isn’t an issue for you, it could mean these dentists that you are referring to may be looking to solve your case quickly and easily.

The best way to replace missing teeth is with dental implants. Implants are more expensive but they look, feel, and will serve you just like your normal teeth should. So it is strange that these dentists haven’t mentioned this as a possible course of action. You should look around and try to find an experienced implant dentist. This area of dentistry is complex and takes much training beyond dental school. So you should make sure you do your research and find one with the right credentials.

Your case doesn’t necessarily sound straightforward since you mention that the front tooth has already had dental bonding. It could mean that you have a strong bite and maybe will require even more expertise to properly remedy your situation. I hope this information is helpful to you as you begin your search for the right dentist for your specific case.

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