Phase II

After the preparation and planning phase (Phase I) we begin work on the lower arch. We treat the lower arch first because the bone loss is usually more severe here, and patients have the greatest difficulty wearing a lower denture.

Treatment options:

  • Snap-on dentures for the fewest dental implants.
  • Removable bridges, when more dental implants can be used.
  • Fixed retrievable hybrids where even more implants can be used. A hybrid implant replaces not only the missing teeth but the missing gum tissues. It requires using elements of both fixed and removable dental work. Read more about dental implant hybrids. They eliminate the “snap-on” feature.
  • Fully fixed implant hybrids are more comfortable yet. These are fixed so they won’t come out of the mouth.
    When patients want the highest quality of life choice, and if there is enough bone and tissue for optimum implant treatment, implant-supported crown and bridge is the best option. This is the most like having your original teeth.


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