Phase III

Phase III involves restoring the maxillary (upper) arch. The bone loss is usually less severe here than in the mandibular (lower) arch, which can simplify the treatment. However, the maxillary arch generally has a stronger effect on the shape of the face, which is one of the considerations discussed below.

Treatment options:

  • The simplest option is snap-on dentures, because they require the fewest dental implants.
  • Removable bridges is a step up, and can be placed when more dental implants can be used. This option is often selected for patients who want their facefilled out,” because the extra bulk of the removable bridge on the upper jaw helps plump out the face.
  • When even more implants can be used, fixed retrievable hybrids is an option. A hybrid implant replaces not only the missing teeth but the missing gum tissues. It involves using elements of both fixed and removable dental work. Read more about dental implant hybrids.
  • Fully fixed implant hybrids are the next step up. These eliminate the “snap on” feature, and are fixed so they won’t come out of the mouth.
  • Implant-supported crown and bridge. This is the most like having your original teeth.

More information and photographs are being posted.

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