Toxic Dental Implants

We recently saw a patient we will call Maria (not her real name), who was a victim of substandard dental implants care.

She was looking to save some money, and found a dentist who was willing to place her dental implants cheaply.

When she visited our office, however, the dental implants were loose and infected. We found out that the dentist had tried to save money by using cheap root forms from a Filipino company, and they were not FDA approved. She had a toxic reaction to the implants.

Here are the radiographs of the implants:


Notice the dark halo around the implant on the lower left. This is an area of infection. A dark halo is also especially noticeable around the second one from the back on the upper left. None of them are completely surrounded by bone as they are supposed to be.

Maria thought she was saving money, but all of this work had to be removed, new bone grafted onto her jaw, this allowed to heal, and new dental implants placed.

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