Dental Implant Fell Out

My dental implant fell out. It got loose after a couple of years, and finally it just fell out. What would cause this and what can be done?

There are several possible reasons that a dental implant would fall out:

  • When it was initially placed, the bone where it was placed may not have been high enough quality. If the implant isn’t anchored in solid bone, over time it can work itself loose and eventually fall out.
  • Infection is a major problem. If any parts of the dental implant become loose to where they allow debris to get lodged, that debris will become a nidus of infection which will cause the bone support to be weakened to where the fixture eventually can just come out.
  • Poor quality fixtures, or non-custom abutments can compress or stretch the tissue, causing tissue inflammation and eventual rejection of the fixture by the body.
  • Some people simply have biological issues that make them prone to rejecting implants. Whenever you’re dealing with the human body, there are issues beyond the control of the dentist that can cause dental implant failure.
  • Incorrect positioning can place the fixture where the bone isn’t solid or where the fixture is subject to too much stress. Read about this dental implant mistake and how it was fixed.

What can be done about a dental implant that falls out?

A new dental implant will need to be placed. Depending on what happened and whether it is being used to anchor a denture or a single tooth, it may need to be placed in a different site in the mouth or in a slightly different position. If necessary it can be placed in the same position, but there will need to be some time for healing. It may require bone grafting. Generally speaking, this is a problem that can be fixed, however.

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