The Link Between Restorative Dentistry and TMJ Disorder

tmjThere are millions of Americans suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder (TMD). A wide range of concerns can cause this condition, but one that may be overlooked is poor restorative dental work. For instance, low-quality materials and/or craftsmanship can lead to a bad bite with poor occlusion (misalignment of the teeth, fillings, or crowns in the upper and lower jaw), which can create or worsen TMJ pain. It is very common for a new patient to come in and complain of TMJ pain that has been triggered by a recent dental restoration. Substandard restorative dentistry can also lead to other serious oral health problems. Our extensively credentialed dentist, Dr. Arthur Chal, recently treated a patient with this unfortunate issue.

A patient arrived complaining of jaw pain. To establish a proper diagnosis, Dr. Chal called on Dr. Thomas Deahl, an oral pathologist who is a part of Dr. Chal’s team of experts, to evaluate the individual’s condition. Dr. Deahl found multiple problems stemming from poor restorative treatment. The patient had an existing dental implant that was failing and he needed another placed. Additionally, a bridge replacement would likely be required, as the gum tissue in the area was significantly inflamed. All of these concerns were contributing to the TMJ pain, and only by addressing them all could the person hope to find lasting relief. A comprehensive, definitive diagnosis obtained through meticulous analysis allowed Dr. Chal to provide highly effective TMD treatment that offered the best chance of reducing or eliminating jaw pain.

TMJ disorder is a complex condition that requires extensive training to treat efficiently. Dr. Chal is a hospital-trained dentist, a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and an authority on TMJ-related concerns and their treatment. The difference in care is clear. For more information about Dr. Chal’s unique approach, you can discuss your dental concerns with our skilled team today.

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