Teeth in an Hour Cost

Costs of teeth-in-an-hour are affected by the Nobel Biocare patentsTeeth-in-an-Hour® is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare, and the technology and software to produce it is patented by Nobel Biocare. Therefore, when Dr. Chal gives a patient Teeth-in-an-Hour, he needs to use the Nobel system, and ship the case to their laboratory in Sweden.

There is a great variation in the cost of the Teeth-in-an-Hour procedure, so we can’t really put a figure on a case without a thorough evaluation. It depends on how many implants you have placed. For example, if you are missing all your teeth, you could have a snap-on-denture with two dental implants, or you could have complete implant-retained crown and bridge work with eight, ten or more implants, for four or five times the cost. For more information on these variables, please see our dental implants cost page.

The basic piece of information we can give you is that the cost of a teeth-in-an-hour case will be considerably higher than any other type of case. The technology is very sophisticated, the development costs were high, and the costs of working with a long-distance laboratory from Sweden are higher than working with a domestic laboratory.

If you have further questions about this, please give our office a call at 602-957-5000.

Dr. Chal has a world-wide reputation for excellence in dental implant treatment. He was selected by Nobel Biocare to treat one of their pioneer Teeth-in-an-Hour cases. For information about this case, please see Becky’s dental implant story.

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