Becky’s Story

BeckyBecky came to Dr. Arthur Chal for dental implants, referred by Nobel Biocare, the company that has the patent on the Teeth-in-an-Hour technology. The following illustrations are taken from a lecture Dr. Chal gave at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. They show the steps in Becky’s case. The “after” photograph on the left shows how happy she is with the results.  Prototype dentures, with the teeth in their ideal positions, are made with radiopaque markers in place. These are worn during the CT scan.

The CT scans show the markers, and this enables Dr. Chal to make a pinpoint correlation between the position of the teeth and the images on the scans.
CT scans for teeth in an hour

Then the virtual surgery takes place. This is a computer-simulated surgery that plans out the exact placement of the implants. This is key to the teeth in an hour technique.

Dr. Chal initiates the virtual surgery by creating a detailed set of instructions for the Nobel Biocare laboratory in Sweden. Here is a sample of what those instructions look like:
Teeth-in-an-hour instructions

teeth in an hour virtual surgery step 1To the left are illustrations of this virtual surgery. The placement of the teeth and the implants is planned out as the computer simulates the surgery in every detail.

teeth in an hour virtual surgery-2The software and hardware are all patented by Nobel, and all of this has to be done at their laboratory in Sweden.

Then Nobel Biocare fabricates a surgical guide which guides the surgeon through the surgery and the exact placement of the implants. It is sent to Dr. Chal in a sterile bag as shown below:
Teeth in an Hour guide arrives

The surgical appointment is then scheduled, the implants are placed, and the teeth are restored in the same appointment. You have your Teeth in an Hour. You can go home and enjoy a light meal with your new teeth that evening.

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