Symptoms of Dental Implant Failure

I was wondering what the symptoms are for dental implant failure? It has been a month since I got my dental implant to replace a missing tooth. I was told to stop smoking because of the placement of the implant, but I didn’t last. A week ago I started smoking again. I noticed that when I brushed my teeth the other day that there is some bleeding at the implant site. Do you think that is a sign of failure? I have a couple months until the final placement of the implant. Do you think I should stop smoking until then?

– Peggy in Illinois


You don’t need a dental professional to tell you how bad smoking is for both your physical and dental health. That said, it likely isn’t related to the bleeding you are noticing at the dental implant site. It sounds like it has only been a month, so the gum tissue is still healing. It is possible you brushed this area too hard and may have caused some bleeding. Symptoms of dental implant failure are extreme pain, bone loss around the implant itself, or if you notice that a loose dental implant.

But as you know, it is still best to quit smoking for a multitude of reasons. As far as your dental health is concerned, smoking increases your risk for gum disease. Some symptoms of gum disease are gums that bleed or if you notice that the bone is loose around your teeth.

It is probably good to get into the dentist to have the dental implant site evaluated. You want to make sure you aren’t developing any signs of dental implant infection.

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