Brenda’s Dental Implant Story

After Brenda’s initial dental implant treatment in California, she began having serious problems. She experienced persistent infections around her implants, as well as numbness and constant pain in her lower lip. Brenda’s unique case required the attention of a highly skilled and knowledgeable dental professional. Thankfully, Brenda was referred to Dr. Arthur Chal by Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale.

Through Dr. Chal’s examination, it was discovered that three upper implants had been placed in her nose. Additionally, the nerve to her lower lip was being compressed by the lower implants, which was causing the peculiar combination of numbness and pain. Dr. Chal also discovered that some of the dental implant fixtures were loose and were trapping bacteria.

Infection and nerve impairment are common problems with dental implant placement when thorough dental implant diagnostic procedures aren’t followed.


The Mayo Clinic treated the infection, and Dr. Chal and his team – including dental radiology specialist Dr. David Hatcher and Dr. Chal’s implant technician, Bruce Keeling, CDT, restored her mouth to complete function and comfort.

Dr. Chal and Bruce Keeling, CDT designed a fixed retrievable restoration for her case. Since doing the case, they have been teaching this technique to international audiences of dentists and technicians.


Brenda’s sister says she thinks Brenda looks ten years younger, ever since Dr. Chal restored the health, beauty, and function of her mouth.

Below is a photo of a loose screw that was removed from Brenda’s jaw, with the deposits on it. This improperly placed screw was causing the infection in her jaw.