Dental Implant Success Stories

Our experienced implant dentist, Dr. Arthur Chal has performed many complex dental implant treatments for people all over the world. Here is a sampling of some of his beautiful, high quality work.

With this type of work, remember that the pictures only tell a fraction of the story. It’s the improvement in the quality of life for each of these people that is truly dramatic. There are hints of this dramatic change in the expressions on their faces, but the full story can’t be told with just pictures.

And notice how, in the “after” photos below, the faces look more filled out. After teeth are missing, the jawbones shrink and the face collapses. Complete restoration of the mouth will involve restoring the missing bone and gum structure, often with a combination of bone grafting and the use of hybrid denture/implant restorations. The end result is a smiling, confident patient who looks younger and feels much better.

Some of these cases were fairly complex. Some of them had serious disabilities in not being able to eat properly. Often they had self-esteem problems, such as Pam, below, who said that her appearance was frightening her grandchildren. Often, difficult cases like these are referred to Dr. Chal by Mayo Clinic and by other professionals, because they know that he can handle these most difficult cases.

Case #1

Brenda came in with infection, and numbness and constant pain in her lower lip. Click on each picture for an enlarged view.


Case #2

Foundational bone grafting helped produce this stunning result. Click on each picture for an enlarged view.


Case #3

Click on each picture for an enlarged view.


Kathy said, “I felt that I looked deformed.” She was concerned about her “lack of an upper lip.”


“Thank you for transforming a serious problem into such satisfying results and restoring my smile. I share it often” – Kathy

Case #3 – side view

Notice the restored upper lip, the disappearance of wrinkles, and the confidence in her smile. Click on each picture for an enlarged view.



“I feel pretty again.” – Kathy

Case #4
Pam said that her lack of a smile was frightening her grandchildren. Click on each picture for an enlarged view.



Another happy and confident result.

Case #5

Tom’s concerns were a lack of confidence in his appearance and facial collapse. Click on each picture for an enlarged view.


Case #6

Tom was losing his teeth from advanced gum disease. He wanted Dr. Chal to provide fully fixed restorations. Click on each picture for an enlarged view.



Read more about Tom’s story

Case #7

Rich came to his first appointment with his denture in a coffee cup. It was so uncomfortable he couldn’t wear it. Click on each picture for an enlarged view.


He doesn’t look too comfortable in this “before” picture.


Even with an economical snap-on denture, he became comfortable and functional.

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