Should I be concerned with Clear Choice?

So I went into the Clear Choice Dental Implant Center in Phoenix. I was actually really impressed with the facility and the consultation overall. The quote I ended up with was about $40,000 to have all my top teeth extracted and about $20,000 for the remaining bottom teeth. I think it all sounds good and my dentists isn’t really weighing in on the subject. His opinion is that some of my lower teeth can be saved but did admit that Clear Choice has better technology. So he isn’t talking against their recommendation, but again hasn’t given me an endorsement either.

What I am mostly wondering about is if I should be concerned with the all-on-four procedure that they are recommending? I don’t think I have many options left because I have delayed treatment for so long. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated.

– Leonard in Arizona


Each Clear Choice Dental Implant Center is ran independently with their own doctors, etc. So reviews about Clear Choice Implant Centers vary from each center and also among different geographic locations.

It would be wise for you to gather some more information and possibly another opinion from a different implant dentist to see what their recommendations would be. Just because the price is right and they have an impressive office, doesn’t always mean they should be trusted. Again, there is no reason to believe you have been mislead but a many dentists are very cautious and concerned about all-on-four dental implants. This procedure isn’t right for everyone, and it seems to be a very popular treatment recommendation among Clear Choice centers. Many dentists feel that the risk is higher than other dental implant options.

Again, each Clear Choice center is different but the sales team tends to push all-on-four procedures and do away with potentially healthy teeth. So proceed slowly, do your research, and consult with another implant dentist that utilizes 3D scans. Even if you decide to move forward with Clear Choice, it would be good for you to evaluate all of your dental implant options and evaluate the pros and cons for your specific case. This is much too major of an investment to go with your first recommendation. Take your time and be completely confident in your decision.

Hopefully this information is helpful.

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