Replacing a molar with a dental implant or dental bridge?

It has been awhile now, probably a few months or so since I had one of my molars pulled. At the time my dentist recommended that I have it replaced with a dental implant. It sounds very expensive and I’m trying to find out if I absolutely need it or if I have any other options. Would a dental bridge be okay?

– Anita in Missouri


It is imperative that you have that molar replaced because if you don’t, your teeth will move around and shift. You will also deal with bone loss in that area which will cause problems with the surrounding teeth.

Your dentist made a good recommendation with dental implants because they are the best way to replace a missing tooth. There are many benefits to choosing a dental implant. It will function just like your natural tooth, and it will feel just like it too. Implants also prevent bone loss in that area of the jaw as well, and will prevent your healthy teeth from shifting around. The list goes on and on as far as the benefits of dental implants. That said, they are expensive. They also take a longer period of time to complete the treatment because you have to wait approximately six months for healing to take place.

You do have other options to consider and your dentist is legally obligated to present these to you. If the surrounding teeth need dental crowns, than a dental bridge may work better for your particular case. When comparing a bridge vs implant, you’ll notice that a dental bridge is much  less expensive.

It may be good to meet up with your dentist again and express your budgetary concerns. Then you can determine the best course of action to replace your molar.

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